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Open Call - One-night art exhibit with The Party by OSTBAHNHOF

Riot Art

Dec 2015

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Posted on:
December 29, 2015

Exhibition Date: 15 January, 7pm - 10pm, Brooklyn New York

“Wildly diverging queer artists have shared credence in art’s ability to, if not produce social change, at least lubricate its prospects. And central to this generalized belief is the idea that queerness works a seduction away from naturalized, normative and thus invisible ideological creeds towards a position that is precisely other to, at a tangent from, social expectation. In deviating from social norms, queer art thus calls the viewer, of whatever sexualities, to an awareness of their own deviancy.”

- Jonathan D. Katz, renowned art historian and queer theorist


Riot Art Gallery is seeking New York based Artists whose work explores queerness, in all it’s forms, for a one-night only exhibition. We’re looking for work that is brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed.

The exhibition is taking place in partnership with The Party by OSTBAHNHOF, a leading force in the evolutionary queer movement and a monthly party series inspired by the Berlin scene. The next event will take place on 15 January at New York’s home for quality underground music, Verboten. The venue is a 10,000 square foot former metal shop in the heart of Williamsburg.

By combining art with music we seek to create a wildly radical, yet innately safe space for people of all stripes to explore self-expression, celebrate art, embrace sexuality and most importantly feel normal in our collective weirdness.

New York-based Video Artists, Performance Artists, Painters, Illustrators, Photographers - email images of original art, portfolio or website to: by 10 January 2015 to join the movement!

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