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Queen Christina's Musical Realm

Repast Ensemble Inc

Sep 2015

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Oct 21, 2016
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October 5, 2016

Queen Christina of Sweden was a fascinating personality, on the one hand celebrated for her intellectual brilliance, and on the other vilified for her scandalous behavior. Educated like a prince rather than a princess, she excelled in philosophy, classical literature, math, religion, and languages. On reaching maturity, she made a series of radical decisions: first refusing to marry, then abdicating her throne, converting to Catholicism, and relinquishing her kingdom in Sweden for a life in Rome. A great lover of music, she supported musicians throughout her life. Repast performs music from her travels through Europe as well as from her Roman salons, including works by Corelli, Allessandro Scarlatti, Carlo Lonati, and Carolus Hacquart, with guest violinist Beth Wenstrom.

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