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Plus One, Inagural Exhibition at TCAG & Trestle Art Space Open House

Brooklyn Art Space

Aug 2012

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November 11, 2016
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Art News

Plus One

Opening: November 18th, 7pm

On view through January 6th, 2017

Organized by Melissa Staiger

By appointment only


Trestle Contemporary Art Gallery

850 3rd Ave, Ste 411


We are thrilled to announce the inaugural exhibition Plus One at our new exhibition space, Trestle Contemporary Art Gallery, at 850 3rd Ave in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The gallery is located within our newly developed artist studio complex, Trestle Art Space, that opened November 1st. Melissa Staiger organized Plus One by inviting 22 artists to participate and extend their invite, as a “plus one”, to another artist whose work is in a creative dialogue with their own. Formal and conceptual relationships reveal themselves within this exhibition that celebrates unexpected connections. This exhibition is based on how we are interconnected as working artists, curators, educators, and community builders. Plus One acknowledges and celebrates how top contemporary artists wear many hats in our current art world.


Please join us for the opening reception for Plus One is November 18th at 7pm, and coincides with our Trestle Art Space open house.


Jim Osmon writes about selecting fellow artist Scott Reeds, as his “plus one” for the exhibition: "There are a few common sensibilities shared between Scott Reeds' work and mine. We both have a distinct interest in abstraction as a language. And how color can both define form and organize it."

Austin Thomas invited painter Michele Mirisola. Austin Thomas works primarily in sculpture and drawing. While their work work is very different Austin Thomas reflects: “Maybe our work is more similar than one would first think?”


Paul Behnke selected Rebecca Murtaugh because their work share a common dialogue, and formal concerns. Paul Behnke writes: “Our forms interact and are bound together by ideas of color, structure, texture, and a sense of monumentality. At times I believe I am a sculptor who paints and Rebecca is a painter who sculpts.”


Paul Behnke + Rebecca Murtaugh

Michael Brennan + Nat Meade

Bill Carroll + Howard Smith

Beth Duerr + Jes Cannon

Enrico Gomez + Nick De Pirro

Clarity Haynes + Jess Whittam

Erik Hougen + Brad Ewing

Rhia Hurt + Mary Negro

Will Hutnick + Eleanna Anagnos

Christina Kelly + Celeste Fichter

Katerina Lanfranco + Dan Gratz

Allison Maletz + Michael Sherman

Jim Osman + Scott Reeds

Alex Paik + Alexis Granwell

Mel Prest + Rob de Oude

Erika Roth + Maria Liebana

PollyShindler + Robert Nava

Melissa Staiger + Beatrice Wolert

Jason Stopa + Grace Summerfield

Adrienne Tarver + Rita Leduc

Austin Thomas + Michele Mirisola

Julie Torres + Ellen Letcher

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