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★ OPENING RECEPTION 1/3 5th FAREWELL Comic Show + Fumiaki Asai★

Ouchi Gallery

Jul 2012

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December 17, 2016
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  OPENING RECEPTION 1/3 5th FAREWELL Comic Show + Fumiaki Asai


-Gallery 1-

5th FAREWELL Comic Show

Participating Artists


Gerardo R. Casas (Curator)

Ellen Stedfeld (Co-curator)

Matthew Noel Paquette (Co-curator)

Jose Feliciano

Ryan J. Zalis

Patrick Sinnott

Kelly M. Teaman

Joel M. Casimiro

Lina Lee

January Bacus

Michelle Peluso

Melanie Harris

Burnest Griffin IV

Rashawn “Inu” Love

Justin Jones

Jeff Maksuta

David Shear

Richard P. Wojcicki

Angelika Erne

Anon Cadieux

Christopher Cook


Tara Hayes

Emmanuel “Art Screams Life” Knigh

Gerard Thelemaque

Gregory Silverman

Derwin Roberson

Xinmei Liu

Naoaki Funayama

Yuki Kano

Cherry “Zeze” Yiu

Yosuf Gurung

Shogo Miyasaka

Yunshan Yang

James Vega

Anthony J. Quintessenza

Sophocles Plokamakis



-Gallery 2-

Artist: Fumiaki Asai

Title: Fumiaki Asai solo exhibition


Fumiaki Asai was born in Aichi Prefecture and grew up in Shiga Prefecture. He started his creative activity since 2011. The starting point of his creative activities was when he received a shock in color while viewing the Mexican scenery, landscape, and more in a TV program. He began his creative activities the next day. His production activities are mainly paintings. He taught himself how to paint. He directly expresses his emotions that come out of his mind. He does not keep it to himself. Therefore, color and techniques will come out of his subconscious. And he will come out to see the color in his head. Asai was interested in overseas. He stayed in Australia for about one week after graduating from high school. He have received a big shock from all the differences he felt with his five senses at that time. He started to feel the want to work abroad in his heart. He receives inspirations from American culture and British rock music. When he sees his work, he hopes that people will see his work without too much thinking and simply feel something out of it. His work represents his person.


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