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Mini-Residency & Workshop: The Drawing Room

Holes in the Wall Collective

May 2016

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December 20, 2016

Workshop: The Drawing Room

January 2nd - January 4th

Twenty Seventeen.  One for the record books- one we might wish to sweep under the carpet and go running for the woods. But here we are.  Time to reconfigure. To dig in. To step up.  Time to put the pen to the drawing board and make it happen.  Begin this year by joining us in a Drawing Room workshop session.  For your life, for a cause, for a project.

We’ll spend the workshop with giant brainstorming exercises and individual mind tangle sessions.  The day will start with a collective breakfast and brainstorm session, followed by free work time, an afternoon work session and dinner.  Holes in the Wall will provide breakfast and lunch each day, a private room with workspace and 29 acres to walk and reflect.   

This is not a retreat - it’s an advance.  Resolutions are great but action plans are grand. Start the year with pen to page.   

A three day intensive brainstorm.  For organizing/invigorating/reaffirming your life, business or creative project.  We’ll have daily collective sessions to help strategically web ideas and aspirations and carve much of the time for your own work and reflection.

Breakfast & dinner, sessions and lodging - $250 single occupancy, $375 double. Proceeds benefit continued Holes in the Wall programming.

For more information and to view the Holes in the Wall Collective Winter/Spring 2017 Residency Season visit

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