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★RECEPTION 2/3 Fri★ Group Exhibition: Beginning

Ouchi Gallery

Jul 2012

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January 29, 2017
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RECEPTION 2/3 Fri Group Exhibition: Beginning

Tittle: Beginning


Participating Artists & Biography

Ai Hibino

Ai Hibino was born in August, 1993 in Gifu Prefecture. Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Department of Visual Media(Aichi) 4th grade. She is studying the Omotesenke Chado and Orthodox Law Flower Arrangement under her grandmother Souyu Hibino from the childhood. When she studied abroad for studied English to United States for a year at 17 years old, she determine to receive a stimulus in the height of the level of the music and the art and advance

towards the musical way. She formed a rock band after returning home, but It dismisses from the difference in the mutual opinions. After that I go to a university and learned movie, picture, graphic design, installation, and sound. A sound spatial work using 5ch is released in "Tokoname field trip" in 2014. And Audio Engineering and music edit is performed in a fashion show "NUAS Collection" by a department of fashion in the same university, 2014. Stereophonic spatial work <Geometric Confusion> using 16ch is released in a &quot;Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences Department of Visual Media, production exhibition&quot; common name Zemiten show in 2015. She specializes in sound art and I&#39;m studying&quot; possibility of the fusion of Japanese culture and sound art using multichannel and the expression&quot; in a theme and producing. She would like to express beauty of the heart with which the person inherited continuously in the Japanese entertained and Wabi and Sabi from the angle of the sound. A study is being advanced from the thought that she would like to repaint the fixed idea to say when she say Japanese culture.


Akane Nakamura

Akane Nakamura was born in Aichi Japan on 1993.

She has loved drawing under the influence of her friends since she was chaild. She has loved English which she had hated because she met with an English teacher. She went to the high school which recommended to go study abroad. She went to Australia and Canada to study aboroad when she was high school student. She had joined fashion and some art classes in Canada, and then she found the pleasure of creation. She also took part in drama in English and the contest for oral interpretation as a member of ESS club in her high school. This experience gave her the interest of performance. After going to the University, she starts to study semiotics and girl cluture. She also joins the drama club, and has experienced acter and advertiser in some public performance. She is interested in ZINE, and planning to creat it herself recently. She hasn’t experienced with creating something publicly yet except the plays. However, her core of creation is to represent ideas in her mind that she can not tell well. It is hard for her to tell her mind exactly in the conversations. She plan for creating works that are natural, daily and little bit fantasy.


Risa Mikami

Risa Mikami was born in the city of Takahama,in Aichi Prefecture of Japan.

She experienced a behind the scenes in the activities of the drama club,which began in high school.By this,She was interested in the work on sound.At the time,because it was the thing to watch a movie on a hobby,to study about it and recording to put the sound on the video at the university.2014,begin to co-produced the movie in the univercity.

In 2015 it experienced a 5.1ch of editing, went to deepen the knowledge of recording and MA.

And,such as performing the recording and MA of the Roundtable been asked for those that have been introduced from an acquaintance,is expanding the range of activities.


Yuri Sakai

Yuri Sakai is from Aichi Prefecture Japan. She has liked painting since her childhood.

She went on to high school the fine arts department, and she began to study art. However, she realized that the world of the fine arts was a little different with her thoughts. For this reason, she decided to go on to the University of design. She was in love with a man at the time of the third year of high school. But she had not shown her art works to him. It is at the starting point. She determined that she joins in the world of art, and releases her works there. After graduated from high school, she went on to the University of design that she planned. One day, she visited the exhibition of Jim Dine by chance. It aroused her interest in lithograph. She has begun to go to the atelier of print in her University. She fascinated with lithograph because the color of ink is beautiful. Most of the motif of her work is males. Males are her interests for because the gender is different from her, so she doesn’t have jealousy for their beauty. She easily admits the beauty even it is what she doesn’t have. She puts her desire and negative emotions on males in her work. As that way, she releases herself from femininity that binds her thoughts.



Thursday, 2/2 – Sunday, 2/12

12:00PM - 6:00 PM

Closed on Wednesday




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