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OPEN CALL: Ritual and Social Practice

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May 2010

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March 8, 2017
Currently seeking artistic proposals that engage both ritual practice and social engagement. These proposals will be reviewed for an exhibition program in NYC scheduled for October 2017. Due to funding constraints, all participating artists must legally reside within the five boroughs of New York City. This exhibition program emphasizes artistic research that intersects social practice and ritual activity. Although project proposals should be built upon a foundation of experience and knowledge, we are just as interested in what your work may reveal to you, the public, and other arts professionals regarding these intersections. We want work that asks questions. We’re not looking for finished art objects or installations, but rather projects that rely upon social engagement for full realization.
Proposed works should be temporary and pop-up in nature, must utilize public space or non-traditional space, should appeal to both art and non-art audiences, and should explore the potential for ritual practice as a potent ingredient within contemporary social movements. We strongly advise applicants to adhere to common standards within your field and submit materials that demonstrate project feasibility as well as your unique capacity to manifest your project. We welcome proposals from artists in a wide range of backgrounds, including visual art, writing, digital media, performance, dance, theatre, and even faith practice. We anticipate many proposals to be interdisciplinary in nature and we encourage hybrid supporting materials. Therefore, you are welcome to include any combination of the bulleted items described within the Primary Materials section below. There is no application fee.
Please submit all materials for consideration by April 17, 2017. Applicants will be notified by June 1, 2017. E-mail your application and proposal to:
Your proposal should include the following:
Project Proposal: 1 - 3 brief paragraphs describing the project you would like to execute. Please also include a one or two sentence description on how you see your work integrating with the exhibition theme of ritual and social practice.
CV or Resume: Include links to recent press (*see note below regarding groups and collectives)
3 - 5 sentence narrative artist bio
Primary Materials:
Visual Arts (including ephemera or physical setups): include up to 10 jpgs, no more than 3mb each.
Video, dance, theatre and other time-based artists: provide link(s) of up to 3 minutes of video or audio documentation. Please include desired start time. Remember to share password(s) for private media accounts.
Interactive media: provide link(s) of up to 2 websites, online campaigns, interventions, etc. for review. If your project requires complex navigation, we strongly suggest you link to the specific segment you wish us to explore. Note: we will spend a minimum of 5 minutes examining materials.
Written word (including essays, poetry, and scripts): excerpt of up to 500 words, attached as a PDF.
Annotation: Please annotate all primary materials with pertinent information includeing date, medium, duration, dimensions and clearly describe your role within the project.
Additional Supporting Materials: Applicants may include additional weblinks, clearly labeled as additional materials. Do show restraint, only include links to projects in which you have been involved that you feel in some way either helps illustrate the project which you are proposing more clearly or demonstrates your ability to manage and execute your project.
Contact Information: Please include e-mail, phone and address in your application.
*We welcome applications from groups and collectives. Select a point person for communication at the time of application and include this person’s full contact information. Please include Primary Materials relevant to the portfolio of the collective applying, a brief narrative bio of the history of your collective, and a CV for each key member of your group. If you wish to include materials that emphasize the work of individual members of your collective—such as solo work or work with other groups—please put links to these materials within your Additional Supporting Materials.

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