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Ways in which technology is changing the face of art

Neha Gupta

Nov 2016

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April 4, 2017
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Art News

Since the past few years technology has been growing at a shocking rate. With all sorts of digital transformations happening in various arenas, art hasn’t been left untouched by the miraculous presence of technology. Various types of arts and artists across the globe are being impacted by the rapid development of technology. Just like the two sides of a coin, these digital transformations also have a set of negatives and positives attached to them. The question here is that which one outweighs the other.

Contemporary art has been largely impacted by the speedy development of the technological domains. By each passing day, more and more tools and materials are coming up which are proving out to be extremely helpful for the artists. The benefits of these technological advancements aren’t just restricted to equipping artists with new and attractive material but, these are also making significant contributions towards opening new possibilities for them. Artists are spending less time on executing the artwork. This means that they are able to invest more time in creating new path breaking ideas and planning for them.

The Negative Impact of Technology on Artists:
There are no two doubts about it that technological advancements have made noteworthy contributions towards the success of contemporary art. In addition to the benefits brought in, technology has spoiled artists for choice. But if we try to take a glance keeping in mind a wider perspective, then it won’t be wrong to say that the availability of a wide array of options is making artists more confused and puzzled than ever. Sometimes when an artist isn’t able to choose a clear path, reflection of unclear thoughts can be easily seen on the work. The artwork can become more and more repetitive which will end up killing the creativity of an artist. Choices are good, but the excess of it can adversely impact an artist’s work.

The Human Touch:
Digital progressions and modern techniques have a substantial impact on contemporary art styles. In the times previous to ours, artwork was a reflection of the artist and his skills in using the traditional equipment like brush, pastels, etc. The artists had sole control over realism, colour layouts and every other aspect of the piece. Artists of this era are drawing paintings by the click of a mouse and other digital tools. This is losing the essence of human touch in paintings. The presence of touch and usage of fingers to enhance the look and feel of a painting are losing its importance in the era of contemporary art. The kind of limitless options, which are made available to artists these days, has advanced to such a great extent that sometimes masterpieces are constructed just by a mere chance!

The New Test:
There are a wide array of technological tools available out there for the benefits of artists. However, in order to use these properly, artists will have to gain an in-depth knowledge about each and every tool. Only by gaining adequate knowledge would an artist be able to give a physical form to his/her imagination. The age of famous contemporary art has provided a gateway of creative opportunities but, in order to encash them, an artist would have to first hone his/her skills in order to gain a thorough understanding of the tools and their usage. In order to translate one’s vision and create a work of art, it is crucial to gain mastery in the various tools and techniques of painting.

Artist of the new era are facing much more difficult and challenging circumstances than of any other age. Presenting an original creative idea is becoming more and more difficult and artists have to continuously push themselves in order to stretch their imagination. Without a doubt technology is good but it sometimes ends up making situations much more difficult than simplifying them.

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