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UNRULY Collective ArtHouse Presents Anton Vitkovskiy

Unruly Collective

Feb 2017

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April 24, 2017
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UNRULY Collective ArtHouse Presents Anton Vitkovski

Unruly Collective, located at 200 Cooper Street, in Bushwick, Brooklyn is excited to present Anton Vitkovskiy’s ArtHouse, opening Saturday, May 6th running through Friday, May 12th.  This immersive experience will encompass the entire UNRULY brownstone, boasting 100 pieces of original art (made especially for this show) as well as wall-to-wall mural art also by Anton.  On Saturday, May 6th, Opening Night, guests will find themselves immersed in the depths of Anton’s artistic vision, through interactive performances and enlightened engagement, such a live painting demonstration by Anton. Tickets for the opening event are on sale now for $15 at

Anton is a Russian artist living in Bushwick, having immigrated to the United States in 2001.  Anton is an artist of his generation, significantly influenced and inspired by Expressionism including the works of Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and John-Michel Basquiat.  His work represents a collision of cubism, abstract, and postmodern art.  As a result, his stylish, original, revolutionary, and avant garde art is a projection of his subconscious cosmos on canvas.  Anton creates visual movement and often his creations are accompanied by human faces or animals including powerful philosophical commentaries on human existence.  In addition to painting, Anton uses a variety of found objects and other materials to craft his art and build hypnotic sculptures. Anton’s art is sold internationally, with over 300 works of in private collection in the United States, Canada, Israel, France, Russia, and South Africa.  Following his show at Unruly, Anton will be showing his next collection in France.

"We are very pleased and excited to be the newest cultural addition along what is rapidly becoming the next destination or epicenter of the NYC art scene. We feel Bushwick offers the perfect opportunity to create, collaborate, cohabitate, and drive social change through ingenuity, inspiration, imagination, and the aesthetics, said Charles Pastore, Co-founder of UNRULY. “Through collaboration with Anton and his work, we hope to cultivate and promote creativity in our community.”

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