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Sep 2007

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May 12, 2017
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May 23 – June 18, 2017


is a festival presenting a cascade of AcTS and training in theater, butoh, dance, music, and performance art every spring over four weeks in May and June. SOAK is molded by LEIMAY, the interdisciplinary ensemble and producing organization behind the acclaimed New York Butoh Festival. SOAK takes place at LEIMAY’s home, CAVE, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


broadens the perceptions of our artists and audiences with work that is experimental, rigorous, and thought-provoking. The festival showcases finished and in-progress work by international, local, and fellow artists, and blends them together in a melange that inspires audiences, invigorates the artists, and stimulates the community surrounding LEIMAY’s activities.


Performances this year include work by LEIMAY Fellows Heidi Boisvert; Lucy Kerr; Hee Ran Lee; Jeremy Pheiffer; Irena Romendik; Terra Incognita; The People Movers; Timothy Scott, Michelle Uranowitz, and Nicolas Noreña; and Vertical Player Repertory. In addition, international, local, and LEIMAY members performances by Massimiliano Balduzzi; Lindsey Mandolini; Butch Merigioni; and Drew Weinstein. During the LEIMAY Block Party, additional guest artists such as Jack Leahy,New Parnassus, Will Shishmanian, Jeremy Slater, and Liam Benzvi will also join SOAK for various pop-up and musical performances.


LEIMAY LUDUS sessions during SOAK feature the LEIMAY LUDUS Summer Intensive with Artistic Director Ximena Garnica, a three-part Lab with Massimiliano Balduzzi, and four LEIMAY LUDUS Labs in voice, puppetry, dance, dramaturgy, theatre, and butoh with guest teachers Kate Brehm, Edisa Weeks, Susan Mar Landau, Zack Fuller, and Peter Sciscioli.

Immerse your senses!

May 23 - May 26, 6pm - 10pm and May 27, 11am - 3pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Summer Intensive with LEIMAY Director Ximena Garnica

May 29 - May 31, 6pm - 10pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Labwith Physical-Theatre Actor Massimiliano Balduzzi

June 3 and June 4, 8pm

Performance by LEIMAY Former Fellow Massimiliano Balduzzi

June 4, 12pm - 3pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Puppeteer Kate Brehm

June 4, 3pm - 6pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Vocal Artist Peter Sciscioli

June 7, 8pm

LEIMAY Friends and Fellows Showcase: Heidi Boisvert, The People Movers, Lindsey Mandolini

June 8, 8pm

LEIMAY Friends and Fellow Showcase: Lucy Kerr, Jeremy Pheiffer, Drew Weinstein

June 9, 8pm

LEIMAY Friends and Fellows Showcase: Hee Ran Lee, Irena Romendik, Butch Merigoni

June 10, 8pm

LEIMAY Friends and Fellows Showcase: Nicolas Noreña, Michelle Uranowitz, Timothy Scott, Terra Incognita, Vertical Player Repertory

June 11, 2pm - 6pm

Encounters with LEIMAY

Public Symposium, Solo Study, and Studies for Frantic Beauty

June 12, 8pm

Encounters with LEIMAY

Solo Study and Studies for Frantic Beauty

June 13, 6pm-10pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Dancer Edisa Weeks

June 14, 6pm

Encounters with LEIMAY

LUDUS Lecture Demonstration

June 15, 6pm - 10pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Butoh Dancer Zack Fuller

June 16, 7pm - 10pm and 17, 4pm - 7pm

LEIMAY LUDUS Lab with Dramaturg Susan Mar Landau

June 18, 1:30pm - 6pm

LEIMAY Annual Block Party

Registration and RSVP’s are NOW OPEN! Full SOAK offerings at


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