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The Gospel According to THPAC

Thelma Hill Performing Arts Center

Aug 2007

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Jun 26-28 2017
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June 6, 2017
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The Gospel According to THPAC is a dance narrative, using dance/theatre, music, and photography/video as the three main art forms to tell this truly American story. The subject matter is the sojourn of Black America from pre-slavery on through slavery, past Jim Crow and the "We Shall Overcome" era, into the 60's with the Black Power rallying cry, and on to the Black Lives Matter movement of today. It is seen through the eyes of one woman's spiritual journey set in the Black church. In addition, the work depicts movements in the social and political aspects of the African-American experience and is expressly accented through the power of gospel music. 

THPAC's executive chairman Alex Smith, Jr. has  constructed the written outline/script and will also serve as project director. Four established choreographers will be used in the telling of the story: Francesca Harper, Nijawwon Matthews, Jamel Gaines and THPAC's artistic advisor Walter Rutledge. 

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