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Brooklyn Art Space

Aug 2012

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August 23, 2017
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Co-Curated by Dan G. Hill & Mary Schiliro

Opening reception: Friday, September 22nd, 7-9PM
On view September 22nd - November 4th.

Participating Artists:

Richard van der Aa

Robert Bunier

lemke van Dijk

Daniel G. Hill

Emma Langridge

Laura Nillni

Jim Osman

Mary Schiliro

Bogumila Strojna

Guido Winkler

Patricia Zarate


“Objectify”, a group exhibition of international artists, presents work that defies categorization and moves in a space between painting and sculpture, image and object. Much of the work is influenced by painting yet emphasizes its objecthood by using methods of presentation that reduce its spatial and pictorial implications. Some works can be viewed as sculpture that has moved to the wall or as painting that has moved to the floor, though, at times, these boundaries have been transgressed more than once before settling into place.

Many of the artists share an interest in process and materiality. Others are involved in the disembodiment and deconstruction of painting. The physicalization of ideas in real space subverts held assumptions and habits of viewing. One’s understanding of the work as an object in the world and the attendant categories is thrown into question.

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