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Oil painting classes in NYC

Artacademy USA

Aug 2017

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September 6, 2017
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Art News

We are proud to represent a new oil art classes in NYC area that are conducted by Artacademy-USA

During these oil painting classes in NYC studio you will be able to skill up:

  1. oil painting techniques -
  2. Drawing on canvas
  3. painting with acrylic and oil media on paper, canvas, and carton
  4. Discovering the timeline of these painting process 

Preliminary drawing with charcoal, painting or simple forms, shades, lights, basic colors, then details working with parts of the picture.

We are ready to supply all materials to you including oil paints and canvases.

Cozy studio in Manhattan will break the ice and you will plunge into the rivers of art exploration with the best teachers out there.

Feel free to register on our webpage or call us beforehand.

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