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Superchief Gallery NY is looking for interns!

Superchief Gallery NY

Jul 2017

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September 15, 2017
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Calls for Artists & Opportunities

Superchief Gallery is calling out to those in our community who are highly motivated, creative and excited by the art, fashion, and music worlds.

If you are passionate about art please join our research, writing, social media, photo/video documentation/editing, graphic design, web development & gallery assistance departments.

Preferred candidates will like working collaboratively to produce events, has a diverse skill set, find new resources, research various creative industries, and promote Superchief’s multifaceted organization.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

•Assisting with event production

•Researching & organizing internal/external information

•Gallery maintenance/installation

•Event/workshop hosting

•Photo/Video Documentation/Editing

•Graphic Design for print/web

•Promotion via Press & Social Media

Superchief Gallery meets every day of the week from 12pm-8pm plus extended event hours. We ask that interns commit to 2 or more days a week at a minimum of 8 hour shifts. To apply please email with your name, availability, a bit about yourself, resume, and any links to portfolio sites or social media. Connections guaranteed! College credit available!

There is no minimum requirement for qualifications or first-hand experience making art. Your interest & commitment is the strongest requirement, everything after that is a bonus.

SUPERCHIEF GALLERY - Painting, Sculpture, Illustration, Fashion, Music, VR, Digital Art, Glitch Art, Cartoons, Toys, Figurines, Photography, Cinematography, Performance, Dance, Installations, Interactive Media, 3D Mapping/Projection, Screen Printing, Book Binding, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting

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