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ONE-THOUGHT-ONE-ACTION (OTOA)™ Workshops in November

Gia Forakis & Company

Oct 2017

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October 19, 2017
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With OTOA Founder, Master Teacher & Theater Artist, Gia Forakis


OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™ designed for creative thinkers in any field

OTOA Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™ designed for performers, theater makers, collaborators and more

OTOA's Basic Premise: Identifying smaller increments of thought as smaller moments of physical action. Fostering a creative wholeness to your everyday.

LOCATION - OTOA Studio: South-West Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY (Ocean Parkway, btwn. Church & Beverly) 

OTOA CLP SEMINAR SERIES benefits creative thinkers in every field. . The aim of OTOA CLP is to enrich our lives by reinvigorating our capacity for possibility, clarifying goals, and strengthening our encounters with creative abundance through an innovative examination of the tools employed in all visionary endeavors. Each class is uniquely designed to a build a deeper under-standing of the tools necessary for manifesting change, growth & transformation through creative assignments, writing, ritual, dialogue and the fundamentals of OTOA. REMAINING SEMINAR DATES: SAT & SUN, NOV: 11 & 12. TIME: 1:00 - 5:00pm. COST: $20 per seminar. REQUIRED: Registration & Pre-Payment. DEADLINE 11/2.CLASS SIZE: Limited

OTOA PTT STUDIO LAB SESSIONS are designed for performers, directors, theater makers, collaborators & public speakers. Labs are anenvironment for experimentation and shared learning; a unique educational forum for valuable inquiryoutside of the constrictions of most production and/or rehearsal schedules. Participants bring their own material at any stage of development. Material may include, but is not limited to: new scripts, monologues, projects in development, scenes, movement, audition material, solo work, performance art, songs, etc. Session time is used to explore and experiment with the material and discover ways to enrich the project by looking at a particular section(s) under the guidance of professional OTOA-based, stage director G. Forakis, and framed within the OTOA performance technique and philosophy. MATERIAL should be between 3-7 minutes in length. REMAINING LAB DATES: SAT NOV: 18 TIME: 12:00 - 5:00pm. REQUIRED: Registration & Pre-Payment. DEADLINE 11/3. CLASS SIZE: Only 3 participants (or 3 collaborative teams) will be accepted per lab session.  PRICING:  $40 per person, OR, $20 per person for teams of two, OR, $15 per person for teams of 3 or more.


NOTE: November is the close of our 2017 Workshop Season. If you can't make it this time, please check back for classes in Spring 2018.


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