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Be an Arts Mentor with our Portfolio Mentorship Program!

Free Arts NYC

Nov 2013

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January 3, 2018
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Calls for Artists & Opportunities

Free Arts NYC empowers underserved youth through art and mentoring programs to develop their creativity, confidence, and skills to succeed.

What is the Teen Art Portfolio Mentorship Program?

As a volunteer in the Portfolio Mentorship Program, you’ll have the opportunity to mold a young artist while developing your own skills as an artist and educator. During weekly sessions, you’ll guide your mentee through the technical and artistic process of creating a visual portfolio, practice interview and audition skills, while serving as a positive role model. By the end of the program, you will both have shared and strengthened your arts backgrounds and your mentee will have applied to an arts high school or college!

Time Commitment

●    Pairs will meet weekly for 2-3 hours from April - December

●   Mentors can expect to spend an additional hour each week commuting, creating lesson plans, and completing Free Arts NYC online evaluations or monthly phone calls

●    Attendance to H.S. Open Houses, Interviews & Auditions, where possible

As a Portfolio Mentor You Can Expect Free Arts to Provide

●    Six hours of professional development trainings in Youth Development

●    Portfolio Mentorship manual (includes resources on pair bonding, goal setting, portfolio development, and interviewing / auditioning)

●    Dedicated Teen Arts Program staff support, including weekly online & individual monthly check-ins

●   Monthly lesson plan clinics with fellow volunteers and Free Arts NYC staff

●   Networking with other arts education professionals

Portfolio Mentor Responsibilities

●   Utilizing Portfolio Mentorship manual and TAP Manager support, create a plan for all sessions that ensures teen’s goals are met

●    Support mentee in improving their artistic skills, culminating with the creation and mounting of 20 original portfolio pieces

●    Help mentee to develop interview / audition skills, as necessary

Portfolio Mentor Applicant Requirements

●     BFA, MFA, or working knowledge of foundational art skills

●      Portfolio development experience

●     Minimum 1 year NYC residency

TAP Portfolio Mentor Application Process

1. Complete Free Arts NYC’s Online Application

2. Supplemental Application, including a resume & portfolio of 3-5 pieces

3. Interview with Free Arts Staff & References (2 Professional, 1 Personal)

4. Fingerprinting with GoPass

5. Attend two required trainings and a meeting with mentee

(Youth Development Training on February 24th or March 7th, Portfolio Mentorship Training on March 10th or March 14th - Meet your teen on Saturday, April 14th!)




Interested mentors will be required to submit an application and attend a New Volunteer Orientation.Complete a supplemental application here.

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