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CALL FOR DIGITAL ART: In the Groove – National Print Exhibition of Original Album Cover Artwork

Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

Aug 2007

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February 1, 2018
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Calls for Artists & Opportunities

BWAC’s national print exhibition of original album cover artwork will be on view for three seasons, from May 12th - October 28th, 2018The exhibition seeks to celebrate the mutually inspiring, creative relationship between music and art, and to recognize the profound cultural impact and influence of the art form itself, its trailblazing history and ever evolving visual and conceptual strategies.



Exhibition: May 12th – Oct 28th, 2018

Opening Reception:  May 12, 2018

Submission Fees: $15/1; $5/additional (2 addt'l accepted)

JURORS:  Sal Cataldi, NYC-based musician & publicist, leader of critically acclaimed Spaghetti Eastern Music, founder and creative director of Cataldi Public Relations, and Wendi Gueorguiev, BWAC Performance Series Coordinator, exhibiting artist.

**PLEASE READ ENTIRE PROSPECTUS CAREFULLY; there are specific formatting & submission instructions are within. Entries not print-ready will NOT be accepted.**


Nationwide call for album cover artwork that meets the following criteria:

  • Copyright property of the artist
  • AND the artwork is one of the following:

1.       by you for your own album of music OR

2.       a hypothetic/conceptual album cover inspired by a band/album/song (famous or obscure) OR

3.       a commissioned piece for an actual band and you have express written permission to exhibit the image


  • Artwork must be designed, formatted and submitted, ready for print, exactly as detailed in this Call for Artwork

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