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Flex Program Launch Party and Flex Olympics JULY 7th

Flex Program

Sep 2015

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Jun 30, 2018
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June 30, 2018
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The Flex Program is proud to launch new website and introduce our signature event: Flex Olympics. Join us for a day of dance and fun #forthekids #spreadlove. Info: Saturday July 7th, 2 pm @Brooklyn Children´s Museum.

The Flex Program brings a unique blend of dance, mindfulness, mentoring and resilience to vulnerable youth at a time when they need it the most. The Flex Program primarily concentrates on the instruction of Flex Dance. Flex dance is unique in its ability to allow for individual style and expression. Flex Dance originated in Brooklyn in the 1990s and is a style of street dance that is characterized by rhythmic movement in different forms such as bone breaking, waving, illusions/punchlines, hat-tricks, connecting, pausing, gliding, get-low and bruk-up. Flexing is distinguished by its contortionist body movements, and its “no-rules”, narrative, storytelling capabilities. Because of the reactive nature of Flex, the dancer is often inspired by the immediate environment and is free to tell his or her own story, making for a very emotional performance.

Flex Olympics is an initiative that aims to combine high level battledance performance with fun games where members of the audience can feel free to join. Through events like Flex Olympics we promote inclusive activities that promotes collaboration and fun.

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