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Cours de dessin a Paris

Artacademy USA

Aug 2017

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August 28, 2018
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Cours de dessin a PAris pour les touristes Americaines.

Have you ever experienced the very secrets of European Art academy? I had. Having been able to pass several courses in Paris I have decided to share my experience in that adventure. The first thing one needs to know is the absence of any type of English in those schools. While you will be sweating to draw a line, the teacher will just be standing aside watching you suffer. That's the way French people teach. Everhtough I have mentioned the language barrier none of the above has been dealt with in a proper manner. 

Put aside that nasty experience I was eager to find the best school suiting my need both in language and drawing skills. There was one Artacademie - Paris witht the best teachers and materials I have ever seen ever.

They like give everyone in a group a different task so you are not connected to a group.

They called cours de dessin Paris Artacademie.
+33 7 56 78 00 19 
54 Rue René Boulanger 
75010 Париж

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