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Arts and Social Practice Residency


Apr 2019

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April 19, 2019
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ProjectArt’s resident artists are socially-minded contemporary artists chosen by a jury of regional curators and art world professionals. The residency promotes a symbiotic relationship among artists, the nation’s public libraries, and ProjectArt students, effecting measurable change for youth do not have access to arts education in public schools and for artists, to provide a new platform to develop and culturally responsive aspect of their portfolio.

Resident artists participate in a 9-month residency from September through June in tandem with the academic school year.

Each selected artist is assigned to one of ProjectArt’s partner public libraries where they teach and mentor youth. Artists also create and display new work in the library, collaborating with library staff and connecting with the community at large. 3 hours are allocated to teaching per week. We encourage each resident artist to spend up to 10 hours a week in the library, developing artwork inspired by the community.

Resident artists teach students of varying age groups (4-7, 8-12-13-18) three classes per week using a curriculum of their design. Artists create their academic year-long curriculum at the beginning of the residency and work with ProjectArt staff on its development, relation to artist’s work, and general curriculum criteria. ProjectArt maintains a 15:1 resident student ratio with 15 students enrolled in each one-hour class; each resident mentors a total of 45 youth per library.

ProjectArt encourages its resident artists to embrace their creativity and think outside the box. They are not restricted to using the library’s community room – the main library space is often available to artists who wish to install art around the library’s general settings. Using an assortment of non-toxic and library permitted mediums, many resident artists make works that are inspired by the library setting, its patrons, and reference collection. They get to know the library community, students and their families, and branch managers.

The residency culminates in a professionally curated resident group exhibition at a partner gallery, featuring works created by the residents during the year.

Resident Role & Teaching Time Commitments

Fall Semester: September-December 2019 (12 weeks)

Winter/Spring Semester: January- June 2020 (18 weeks)

ProjectArt resident artists split their time between furthering their personal practice and teaching visual arts classes. The residency invites artists to spend up to 10 hours per week creating work in library, interacting with the community and furthering the artist’s work in a public way. Together with PA and library staff, residents will work to ensure that materials used in both personal studio and class hours are safe and appropriate. Residents are asked not to bring any hazardous, dangerous, or toxic materials into the library.

Residents are required to teach 3 one-hour long class each week to youth at their assigned library. Classes are held during after school hours (between 3-6pm) and are scheduled in accordance with the ProjectArt calendar (see above), keeping the libraries’ and teaching artists’ schedules in mind.

In August, residents are required to attend an orientation, as well as a two hour teacher training and curriculum workshop organized by ProjectArt, prior to classes commencing.

The Residency Provides:
1. $60 per hour-long class, 3 classes per week
2. Library-approved, non-toxic teaching supplies furnished by BLICK Art Materials
3. Public library resources to conduct research and to further artistic practice
4. Year-end resident group exhibition and panel discussion at a contemporary art gallery
5. Visibility on ProjectArt’s social media platforms and PR promotion
6. Recurring artist organization meet-ups, e.g., trips to museums and artists studios
7. Introductions to ProjectArt’s network of art world professionals
8. Opportunity to participate/ conduct artist activations with the organization’s corporate partners.

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