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Art Inspired By Religion – A Blend Of Sacred Colors

Indian Art Ideas

Nov 2016

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July 9, 2019
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“A picture is a poem without words.”

– Horace

Ancient Roman lyric poet, Horace didn’t just had a way with words but was also reflective enough to define a picture aptly. His comparison of paintings or pictures with unwritten words of a sonnet or ballad is spot on.

When I see a fascinating painting, my immediate response is to imagine what could have been the inspiration behind its creation. As a writer, this is really natural to me, to think profoundly about even the most insignificant thing that ever crosses my path and art is too stimulating for my volatile brain.

Another reason why I find art intriguing is my homeland, my India. This country is like a giant canvas, painted, destroyed, and reconstructed by so many, yet it stands tall in its full glory. Invaded and pilfered several times, India still hasn’t lost its charm and a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Whether you walk through the splendid forts of the Rajputs or admire the glory of the Mughal Empire in monuments like Taj Mahal, you can still witness artworks of unrivalled craftsmanship and paintings that seem to come alive any moment. It is amazing that through years of invasion, Indian art and paintings are still flourishing through the rough tides of wars and incursions.

Traditional Indian Painting – A Modern Perspective To Our Timeless Traditions

Spellbinding paintings of Radha Krishna or cosmic aura emanating from Lord Shiva's paintings, the traditional art of India on Canvas is a treat for the eyes. These paintings often are based on religious topics and Gods and are an exceptional addition to any décor.

In India, every Hindu home irrespective of how small it is mostly has a praying place or a little temple mostly constructed amidst a huge verandah. As per my grandmother, a worshipping place at home is said to abate evil and spread positivity.

I am certainly not as religious as she is because I am a part of a generation that seeks more practical answers than just abiding by their faith. However, over the years I have studied and understood my religion and culture, and I have uncovered that there is a lot more science behind the smallest ritual that we perform in our traditional households.

Even the idols and paintings of Gods are designed to bring a lot of positivity and harmony in a living space or workplace. Even the directions to worship, eat, and sleep are also followed to create a positive impact on your life.

Indian art is a complex amalgamation of traditional colors that are heavily influenced by not just Hinduism but also Buddhism, Islam, and many other religions that inhabit the pious lands of this country.

If you ever happen to visit some of the sacred places in India like Varanasi, you can witness amazing paintings by the local artists of the city. From the captivating Lord Shiva paintings to striking art on canvas, depicting the pious banks of River Ganga, you can find some of the most spectacular artworks in these narrow lanes.

However, this isn’t just about the pious lands of Varanasi but about almost every sacred place, across the length and breadth of my country. Art inspired by religion and sacred rituals has achieved enormous fame, in not just Indian galleries but also found their place in the western art world.

Today, an astounding number of acclaimed artists from India, are spreading the glory of Indian art in foreign lands; mixing the colors of tradition and religion with a modern perspective. Artists like Anish Kapoor, Shilpa Gupta, and Subodh Gupta are making a mark in the art world with spectacular works and an eccentric vision.

Indian Art Ideas – Your One Stop Shop For Traditional Indian Paintings

In case, you haven’t added one of those spectacular artworks of Radhe Krishna or Lord Shiva paintings to your home or workplace décor then consider checking out the website of Indian Art Ideas. The online art gallery is celebrating the traditional form of art on canvas by renowned artists and who knows you might even find an underrated gem there.

Unlike the typical online art galleries, Indian Art Ideas covers different varieties and genres of painting, including contemporary paintings by Indian artists. The collection is specially curated to amass the finest works of Indian artists and give them a platform where they can achieve global success.

So, if you wish to add the bright colors of tradition and rich cultural heritage of India to your painting collection then this online gallery certainly won’t disappoint you. Another amazing fact about them is the price range, you have a huge price range in artworks to select from. So even with a relatively small budget (P.S. authentic Indian Artworks are quite expensive), you can get some of the most spellbinding works that will add a lot of elegance and vibrancy to your workplace or home.

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