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DE-CONSTRUKT [projekts]

May 2013

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January 3, 2020
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Calls for Artists & Opportunities

DE-CONSTRUKT develops projects with national and international artists that support the cross-pollination of ideas and experimentation among culturally diverse artists and audiences. Artists have the opportunity to produce new works with a focus on experimentation. Our interest is in the process rather than the final outcomes.

We invite artists, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, curators, and researchers to apply for 2020 DE-CONSTRUKT residency opportunities for Spring. We provide a space to develop new ideas and encouragement to form new networks.

We provide artists with a place to live, work and engage with other artists and the local community of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The loft is equipped with a B&W photography darkroom, wet sink, modern kitchen, art book library, rooftop access with Manhattan skyline and lots of natural light. It also includes accessible on-street parking, access to a large studio for public events and fully furnished live/work studios.

The residency program started in 2013. We have hosted artists from Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Some examples of projects include painting, music, video, public interventions, installations, workshops, film screening. We also invite writers, researchers, and curators to apply.

All participants must work within the community of Red Hook. DE-CONSTRUKT will assist with each resident on how to make contact with the local community and will publicize their work in our newsletter and social media.

Residency fee for two weeks is $675 for a private bedroom with a large studio (1 person) and $550 for a private bedroom (1 person). The residency fee must be paid in full before arrival. Artists are responsible for all expenses including supplies and travel. Artists can request work exchange for partial coverage of the residency fee, only if available.

Applications are open for 2020 Spring residency program. Our application deadline is Jan 20th, Midnight EST.

For more information and for online application visit

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