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S2: Stimsim Squared

Marjan Moghaddam

Sep 2007

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Apr 11, 2009
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April 11, 2009
S2: Stimsim Squared: By Marjan Moghaddam & Adam Caine Multimedia Performance Saturday April 11th, 7.30pm-8pm Visual Music Marathon SVA Theater. 333 West 23rd Street Free S2: Stimsim Squared, is a live, improvised visual music performance by artist/animator Marjan Moghaddam and guitarist/composer Adam Caine, using laptop driven visuals alongside guitar and electronics. The visuals are ?played? live on stage in what Ms. Moghaddam describes as ?jamming with digital painting & sculpture on a screen?. The animations range from the hypnotic dance of materially ambiguous fluid forms to roaming explorations of dazzling architectural structures and pulsing psychedelic patterns. Adam Caine?s live guitar and electronics style encompasses extremes of dissonance and rhythmic agitation contrasted with softer and more dynamic passages. The name is a reference to sensory recording and dissemination technology from 80?s cyberpunk classic Neuromancer. The performance is part of the Visual Music Marathon, an all day event with screenings from 10am to 10pm, sponsored by the New York Digital Salon, SVA, and Northeastern University, and additionally funded by New York State Council on the Arts, Experimental Television Center and mediaThe Foundation. The event offers an encyclopedic look into the burgeoning practice of visual music, which combines animation and musical composition. The event is free and open to the general public. Marjan Moghaddam Bio: Marjan Moghaddam is an award winning, Brooklyn based computer artist and animator who has exhibited her work at many galleries, museums and festivals throughout the years. Ms Moghaddam?s most recent animations have been selected by over a dozen international festivals and exhibited at Art Basel Miami and the 2008 Armory show of Contemporary Art in New York City. Most recently she received the 2008 Multimedia regrant for her live animation performance work from the Brooklyn Arts Council and NY Department of Cultural Affairs. Adam Caine Bio: Adam Caine is a guitarist, improvisor and composer based in Brooklyn. He has played with various groups in New York City and throughout the United States. He has performed with Connie Crothers, Paul Smoker, Daniel Carter, Ken Filiano, Glen Branca, Haale, and the New York Soundpainting Ensemble. Adam's 2005 CD, "PIPE," received rave reviews in Wire and Cadence magazine. For more information: and and Visual Music marathon: New York Digital Salon: bold word(s)

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