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Creative Calling Launches 3 new groups in June!

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Jan 2009

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May 20, 2009
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3 NEW GROUPS LAUNCHING IN JUNE '09! All groups take place in New York City. ARTIST CAREER JUMPSTART Tues.7-8:30PM June 2nd-July 7th If you feel you?re too overwhelmed by the logistics of survival to thrive as a professional artist, or are just ?taking shots? or ?dabbling? at having a career because you lack the needed resilience to persevere, this group is for you. As a team we will dare to dream again and renew our inspiration. This group is for people who?ve been around the block, taken some hits and have the guts to ante up again. It?s for people who have the courage to view mistakes as feedback, and failure as the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. All genders and artistic mediums welcome. (Note: I do not make judgments about what qualifies as an ?artistic? medium.) By the end of this course you will: Devise an action plan for your next project Joyously make and/or promote your work again Accelerate your productivity Develop a stronger sense of artistic autonomy and resilience, by learning how not to take either positive or negative criticism too seriously Be a more fulfilled artist! FREELANCE/ARTIST MOMS Thursday 12:30-2PM June 4th-July 9th If you are ready to embrace the largeness of your life rather than experience it as hopelessly fragmented, then you?ve come to the right place. This is a group for women who are determined to fulfill their artistic and vocational visions as well as their domestic responsibilities. Having a team of other mothers cheering you on and lending hands-on support is invaluable. By the end of this session you will: Know your vocational goals Create an action plan Maintain boundaries that support your individual plan Have a support team to keep you accountable Be a happier mom, with a happier family! CREATIVITY FOR FUN AND/OR PROFIT Wed. 7-8:30PM June 3rd-July 8th To be creative is to live life more fully. This group is appropriate for you whether you?ve always dreamed of trying your hand at some form of creative expression for its own sake, or you want to turn a hobby into a means of income. You?ll actually begin writing that play or novel, start playing that instrument, or painting those paintings! NOTE: This team is all about productivity, not qualitative ?feedback?. Learning to create is like learning anything else: Safety First! At the end of this 6-week session, you will: Come out of the closet creatively, and into the studio, or page, or stage, etc. Bring more beauty and pleasure into your life and/or begin actively transforming a hobby into a business Know how to handle feedback and criticism Increase your vitality through creative expression! Each Group will consist of 4-6 participants only, so register ASAP! Each 6-week session is $300 ($50 a session) payable in two installments ($150 prior to the first week, and then on the 3rd week). Pay the full amount prior to the first session for a 10% discount!

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