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Thinking of opening artists space in Brooklyn

Amy B Burchenal

Sep 2007

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Posted on:
May 25, 2009
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On the Street, Community-based
Help need feedback: I am thinking about opening a small artists space in Brooklyn Heights. There are three small interior studios I could rent out that are 10X10 or thereabouts. Each space is private with its own door. There is a slop sink in back. its clean, safe and has plenty of storage in the basement. The front is occupied by a street level gallery where each 1 year lease tenant would be able to put on a solo show for 1 month a year and participate in a Holiday group show. The space would also have wifi and ac, shared utilites. Additionally tenants would have the option to sell work out of their studio. 24 hour access in a very nice nabe on a busy street...Does $500 a month per studio sound reasonable?

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