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Conrad Ventur @ Andy Warhol Museum: solo project June 13-September 12, 2009

Conrad Ventur

Nov 2008

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July 17, 2009
'Fragments of Fame' on view at the Andy Warhol Museum from June-September 2009. 'The Glamorous Marlene Dietrich performs....' (2008), features mirror ball projected reflections of Marlene Dietrich performing Pete Seger?s anti-war song Where Have All the Flowers Gone?. The Dietrich video footage utilized in this work was originally filmed in 1972 in London. 'The Late Marilyn' (2009) features footage of Marilyn Monroe?s iconic ?Happy Birthday? tribute to John F. Kennedy projected through a rotating crystal pendant. 'Billy Name, Screen Test 1' (2009), is Ventur?s contemporary reworking of Warhol?s Screen Test film series [1964-66], featuring Billy Name, a prominent member of the Factory.

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