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"I'd Rather Be..." detail, Mixed Media portfolio

Vanessa Boyd

Jul 2009

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July 29, 2009
This detail comes from a three piece series, the "I'd Rather Be..." series. The three ladies are an ensemble titled ?I?D RATHER BE Cooking?, ?I?D RATHER BE Cleaning? and ?I?D RATHER BE Sewing?. They are meant to take the onlooker through several levels of examination of the way in which individuals internalize the messages from outside influences, and the ways in which everyone lives with the weight of those digested ideas and gender propaganda. Although the figures are essentially feminine, the issues addressed are not solely based on a woman?s experience. There are as many messages in the media targeting men as women, and they affect us all. The ?I?d rather be...? trio utilizes cloth, newsprint, straight pins, cardboard, acrylics, resin; the largest of the three is approximately 1?x1?x10?

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