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Spirit Ship, a short film for children by Little Creatures

Kristin S Brenneman Eno

Aug 2007

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September 21, 2009
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On the Street
The trailer for Spirit Ship, a short live-action film about and for 4-10 year old children, is now live, on the Little Creatures website. This 2.5 min. trailer is a great link to send any parents or educators you know, who might be looking for original new media options for their children or students, or to funders looking to support innovative media production for very young children. Film synopsis: Through a series of events, particularly the discovery of many strange and haunting personal artifacts strewn along the sea shore, three children eventually come to see beyond the living world, into the spirit realm, where three young victims of a shipwreck are also wandering. The story takes place against the backdrop of several untouched historic and natural environments along the Red Hook waterfront. Directed by Kristin B. Eno, shot with a wonderful crew on location in Red Hook, Brooklyn, in the Fall of 2008. Slated for completion in late Fall 2009. See trailer here. Donate to project (through fiscal sponsor BAC) here.

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