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A celebration of Life and Death - Sacred Arts Exhibit

Yonnette S Fleming

Aug 2007

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October 26, 2009
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Food is essential to human existence, and to Cultural and religious experience:Across traditions food is offered as a vital part of worship, to be shared,eaten or tabooed Join us at the Hattie Carthan community market to share in re-membering and honoring the Sacred Arts of our ancestors through food and festivities : Childrens activities* organic music*juicing*ghoulish delights*seasonal gourdes and scented reed brooms * nature craft Sacred Arts Exhibit - Community Ancestor Altar containing ancestral food and offerings Life and Death Celebration Traditional Arts Exhibit October 31st 2009 Activities in the market begin at 11am Discussion with market founder/community artist/food advocate Yonnette Fleming begins at 2pm All stories about the use of food in Sacred Ritual are welcome. Please bring an offering that reflects your cultural background for the community exhibit. The Hattie Carthan community market is located on Marcy and Clifton Avenues next door to the garden. GG - Bedford/nostrand B 38 - Marcy & Lafayette Avenues

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