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Arlo/Artists Designer Contest - $500


Mar 2008

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November 4, 2009
Contest: Open Source Your Custom Themes More info at: the Arlo Blog or Visit Thanks to all the designers, artists and photographers who have signed up for accounts on Arlo/Artists. It?s been exciting these past few months to see folks use the system to manage and present their work. Many of you are using the standard themes we designed (and continue to design) but quite a few of you all have also taken the time to build great-looking custom themes for yourselves. So we?d like to try to spur a little sharing within the Arlo community. If you have built a custom theme ? or build one in the future ? and are interested in open sourcing and making it available with the community, get in touch with us through the support email address in your administrative section. We are going to be selecting one new user-created theme each month (initially) and adding it to the themes database. The creators of these themes will get full credit for their work, shout outs on our blog, Facebook & Twitter, a free year on Arlo/Artists ($100 value) and an additional honorarium of $500.

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