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"Rug Project"

Carolyn A Salas

Nov 2009

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November 5, 2009
2008, 10 ft x 8ft, cut and glued carpet foam padding. Reassessing the value of common objects and questioning conventional concepts of beauty Untitled Rug Project flips the role of carpet from floor covering to fine art. Untitled Rug Project is a series of four rugs that play with ideas of construction and the historical role of the rug as design, display of wealth, and warmth. Composed not with thread but a more contemporary method of fused recycled foam carpet padding, traditional and invented carpet patterns and motifs are represented. While foam padding is conventionally hidden and used solely for utilitarian purposes, Untitled Rug Project will deploy it for more a glamorous purpose. Working from a combination of rugs from around the world and invented designs, foam shapes and patterns are cut out, fit together and seamlessly glued to a fabric backing.

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