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Native Files

Jude Broughan

Sep 2009

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November 27, 2009
In Jude Broughan's new series ?Native Files?, tension is created by the combination of incongruous materials, a layering of elements that takes a leaf from oil painting?s book, but more from the Photoshop instruction manual. These constructions are spare and poised, sometimes tender, sometimes mischievous. Broughan's current work reflects a fascination with ideas of sustenance and growth, fallibility and imperfection, ?naturalness? and artifice, travel, home, and the ?native.? Images of familiar forms such as plants, food, and buildings are incorporated into compositions with an intimate feel that honors the value of the everyday. The work is generally modest in scale but often employs multiple processes and materials, its fragmented look aiming at a celebration of human idiosyncrasy. The diversity of my practice itself represents a mode of investigation, while the work?s ?inprogress? aesthetic connotes a state of becoming.

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