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STUART RINGHOLT >> Video Works >> Thursday, December 17, 6-10PM (ONE NIGHT EVENT)

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December 8, 2009
STUART RINGHOLT Video Works One Night Event: Thursday 17 December 2009 6-10pm CLUB LAUNDROMAT (Basement level) 44-70 21st Street Long Island City, New York (around the corner from PS1) subway: E&V to 23rd St/ Ely Av, G to 21st St, 7 to 45 Rd/Court House Square In the subterranean confines of the basement of Club Laundromat, complete with its labyrinth of twisting pipes and water outlets, Ringholt will show a suite of recent video works featuring an interaction of people and trees. In Merri Creek (2007), a dada-esque growth study and ?free narrative?, a straw-hatted worker pushes a conifer tree to centre frame. He slowly lifts the potted tree and adjusts his hold. He then drops the tree so that it quickly falls and slips from view beneath the ground. This sudden and time-sped reversal of the tree?s natural growth process now consolidates itself but as the worker then casually turns and walks from frame, leaving the trolley behind, varied narratives present themselves. Video Works continues the artist?s interest in utilising site specific public space. Since 1995, he has produced exhibitions and performances in shopping centres, train stations, schools, parks and city streets. From 2001-2003 the artist produced Embarrassed, a series of performances where he intentionally embarrassed himself in public, including wearing a large apple down the back of his tight bathers at a swimming pool, wearing a booger in his beard at a social security office and wearing a prosthetic nose for a day. Other projects have included Anger Workshops (2008) produced for the Sydney Biennale where he facilitated 50 workshops with 400 people participating. In a locked room, away from the prying eyes of an audience, the artist encouraged people to first scream, swear and shout their feelings of stress and anger to hard house music. People later expressed their love for each other by holding hands and hugging to the sounds of Mozart. Stuart Ringholt is currently a studio resident at ISCP New York. He will participate in the Adelaide Biennial 2010, Experimentopia, Melbourne, 2010 (touring) and will have a solo showing at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney in 2010. He is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne and Sydney.

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