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The plastic art exhibition

I am from Miyagi Prefecture. After graduating from Kanazawa Art University, I became a teacher in special needs education for handicapped…

Ouchi Gallery

August 2, 2013


Atsuko Mizuuchi, a Japanese Calligrapher. She creates works with lines that have a rare delicacy and unmistaken toughness, and it seems as if …

Ouchi Gallery

August 2, 2013
Forum Event

Sunset Park Day of Dance

Sunset Park's Day of Dance on Saturday, July 27th celebrates Dance with free classes from 11am-3pm including Yoga, Hip Hop, Creative Move…

Megan J Minturn

July 16, 2013

Town House Art Gallery

Hello, and welcome one and all to a very special show lined up in Brooklyn N.Y. There will be 5 amazing artists at the Town House Art Gallery.…

Matthew S Hester

May 30, 2013