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Olalekan Jeyifous

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There is a natural tension between the given, experienced and imagined aspects of "place" and the ways in which it is neither wholly known nor imagined, but continuously constructed. The work I create, which is strongly rooted in borrowed and invented narratives, embraces this heterarchy.
More often than not these narratives are explored through small-scale wood and metal constructs and/or detailed illustrations of bustling utopian cities, strange pastoral landscapes, or dystopian interventions into abandoned urban spaces that simultaneously communicate a participation in, and alienation from the larger world. These recurring themes that propel my work are inextricably tied to my own discursive upbringing and cultural identity. I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria and moved frequently throughout my formative years, which were marked by perpetually adapting to, and exploring new places. My work often responds to either the anxiety or potential of these spaces/places, and how one navigates, maps, and perceives them; resulting in a process and output that becomes one of connection as opposed to reaction, whereby I try to evoke a notion of “place” rooted in immanence and possibility.


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