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Darlene M Wolfe

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Greetings~ My name is Darlene Wolfe Artist/ Art Educator based in Brooklyn , NY.
I have evolved on my path as an Artist from delving into various media's such as photography,videography, drawing and mix media exploring theme's; as life, death and rebirth.
Nature's influence and Travel are reflective in the nuances of my creations for a greater understanding of our collective remembrance of just how important the "Weave of Life" is for greater good, finding ways to bridge peace among conflict whether it be within or humanity.

I have had the pleasure of being a Teaching Artist Educator for over 18 years through various non profits from Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, Downtown Television Community Center, Arts Horizons, Brooklyn Parents for Peace, Flying Bridge, Educational Alliance and Mercy Homes of Brooklyn.
I have had the pleasure of being invited several times to teach seminars for Art Educators at the annual UFT/ Art Teachers Conference in NYC.
During the Summer Season, for the past 11 yrs I teach Art with Children, in a Community on Fire Island and always a pleasure having nature as a muse for creativity.

I ventured back in 2011 to the New School of School Research to obtain a Certificate in Creative Arts Therapy focused on the Visual Arts, Dance & Music Therapies. My internship was working with Music and Art Therapists engaging the Creative Arts with Children on the Autism Spectrum. This experience truly showed me, meeting each child were they are at in life and allowing space for them to blossom no matter the set backs for it leads to new opportunities for growth.
I now have founded my own Entrepreneurial Art Business called the Traveling Art Shack where I teaching art w/ children in their homes, event spaces, common rooms to providing art parties. I also provide Art Seminars for Adults and Teens called "Art & Soul" a 3 hr. seminar including meditation, dance movement and spontaneous painting. A very therapeutic based art expression where we take time out to get in touch with our inner selves to rejuvenate and appreciate our innate gifts & empowerment to share with Community.
Look forward to hearing from you all and how we can collaborate Artfully in the near future!
~ Peace & Blessings Darlene