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Angela Nicole Liscoe

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My work involves visions, sensations and social experiences interpreted from urban environments and subconscious sensations. A distorted interaction of space, idiosyncratic figures, crooked buildings, plastic bridges, and crowded trains are composed of simple forms. An instinctual playful aesthetic allows me to transform daily physical realities into scenarios desired by my subconscious mind. I do this by emphasizing negative space which results in active, surreal, and often dreamlike compositions. The process is quick and spontaneous. I draw from memory with pencil onto primed masonite. Oil paint is applied in translucent washes, built upon layers, remaining flexible and later detailed with a small brush. The hard masonite surface allows me freedom to draw rough gestural lines, impose forms, rework areas, and enhance space. By exaggerating forms, using a wide palette of unreal color, placing in symbolic imagery, and altering environmental relationships, stories are told and internal desires have a place in which to unfold and manifest. The manipulation of form allows me to work through content of my environment both psychologically and aesthetically, helping me focus energies and attract ideal situations.