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Greg Stephens

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I began making paper collages over 20 years ago. As my working methods evolved, my palette of raw materials expanded to include paint, drawings and found objects.

At art school I went though a brief rebellion against the creation of objects and focused instead on media arts. I applied the same battery of collage processes (add, delete, copy, paste, layer, filter) to computer animation, video and electronic music. Echoes of my object art entered the digital realm, and over time, output from the electronic art was composted back into the object art.

The object, it seemed, would not be ignored and has for some time been the main focus of my artistic practice. Whatever the medium, my process of collecting fragments and assembling new possibilities has always been more intuitive than premeditated. The meanings attached to these artifacts often become clear only as they are accumulated, juxtaposed and assembled into resonant webs of pictorial clues.

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