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Eliza Stamps

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Rooted in and inspired by the present, my work originates with the
primordial and the ancient. I endeavor to draw connections between this vast time-space by combining patterns and shapes that arc between then and now. The single mark, the grain of sand that is the basis of all the drawings, is meant to delineate a specific, miniscule structure within this frenetic landscape. It is a reminder that each whole entity, no matter how complex, comprises much smaller entities, whole in themselves, which is the basis of all existence. In much of the work, I echo this idea through myriad patterns that make up the cohesive whole, as each design has a reference point, whether it be historical, scientific, representational, or entirely imagined.

Ultimately, I would like to create work that takes multiple forms of things, while being, at its core, an artistic exercise in shape and composition. This work is meant to give some order to the often chaotic and enigmatic project of existence.