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Miriam Songster

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My current work includes site-specific interventions and immersive environments that are concerned with how people, as groups and as individual bodies, occupy space. This occupation is addressed in terms both political and personal, with works responding to specific social and physical attributes of the locale in which they are executed and/or shown.

The immersive environments are further motivated by my interest in the recovery of literal experience through the development and expression of a language of physical space that articulates its relationship to bodily sensation. Inspired by the condition of synaesthesia, which is the crossing of different senses, these pieces seek to directly alter the awareness of the viewer/participant by employing sensory contradiction and disjuncture to create moments of physical, sensorial engagement. These disjunctures, created through the application of scent, color, moving image and sound, temporarily alter the relationship between expectation, intention, and perception. The participant is then in a position to recalibrate their understanding of the local environment and their relationship to it.