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Patrick J Groneman

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"The Moment"

Before the Girl picking field daisies
Becomes the Girl Picking Field Daisies


There is a moment of some complexity

--Kenneth Patchem 1971


I create art, publicity materials, and collaborative workspaces that value creativity, learning, connectedness, and empowerment.

Trained in teaching mindfulness and meditation, I offer one-on-one or group trainings to support creativity, relaxation, and values-based living.

If you are interested in any of the above -- or in delicious meals -- please contact me!

Technical skills include: Social Media Advertising & Content Dissemination, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Branding, Photography, E-mail Promotions, Website Development, Pinteresting, Project Management, Video Production, Video Editing & Animation, Creative Writing, Mindfulness & Meditation Instruction, Group Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Tweeting, Songwriting, Guitar Playing and Gluten-Free Cooking.


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