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Candace Hewitt

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C. Sala Hewitt is an indy director who will release her first short video titled "Good Lookin Out" in Spring 2007. Theatrical director credits include What It Iz! The Spokenwordical (spinoff of The Wiz) by Blackout Arts Collective; the groundbreaking sci-fi, hip hop-inspired play Descendents of Freedom, a by Andre Lancaster (BRIC Studio, Here Theater); Lagrimas de Cocodrilo/Crocodile Tears (Nuyorican) by powerful artist/activist Ingrid Rivera; and PSNBC's 2001 Fringe Pick of the Year E to Jamaica Center (P.S. 122), by Justin Earl Turner. Sala is also a poet who has studied under the tutelage of writers such as Cheryl Clarke and Willie Perdomo. In addition to creating a collaborative spoken word stage production titled Mystic of Fly (Here Theater) with four other dynamic women poet/performers, Sala helped conceive, launch and host an on-going open mic forum for queer people of color in NYC. Hewitt received her BA with honors from Smith College. There she acted in a multi-cultural theater troupe, Dark Moon, a creative family with which she continues to collaborate.

Hewitt is also an creative and strategic communications and development consultant, and artistic director to independent performance and theater artists in NYC. Equipped with both commercial communications planning and foundation fundraising experience she?s learned the range of tools individuals and organizations small and large can use to meet needed funds. She has provided communication, outreach, and development services to nonprofits and creative entities including Astraea Foundation, Audre Lorde Project, House of Passion, and Chica Luna Productions among others. I?ve also served as an associate producer on independent media projects such as Chica Luna?s 3rd Annual Short Film Festival; an innovative short film titled Sita, by Tchaiko Omawale; and the U People documentary project by Hanifah Walidah.