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James Matthews

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I have this passionate appetite that drives me to create. An appetite that is filled with al. of life's romantic and tragic idealistic contradictions. This passion ragies inside of me, like a house on fire, with all of the fires of hope, faith, truth, honor, honesty, morality, religion, and politics.

During the crative process I am completely absorbed in an adventure of discovery. I push and pull between hues and manipulate shape and form. I build layer upon layer and then I rip it apart. I reshape it again and agian, while working between the darkness and lightness of hues. I am continuaously exploring differnernt methods of appling texture, while bending the opposing harmonies of shape and form. This process builds a harmonic symphony of movement.

In the end each project is an organic adventure where I release all of m pent-up passions. It gives me the sense of a rainbow after a storm. No matter the medium: poetry, screenplay, directing, acting, editing or painting. Creating, for me, is like breathing, it is not something that I need to do, it is something I have to do to live in this world.