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fabrice covelli

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My involvement with the visual arts began at age 16 when I left the family farm to work in building construction. At 23, I entered the Fine Arts School to complete my education. In five years of study I earned a BA in sculpture and painting and gained great confidence to find my way in the art and design world. I had slowly acquired an extensive knowledge of many art techniques and perfected my abilities to express concepts and ideas through visual experiences. I continue to grow today as I experiment with other art forms and collaborate with artists of various expressions .
My Art is intellectual by nature and has a strong physical personality. Driven by my most inner consciousness, I seek independence from outside influences and trends. The ultimate motivation for me is to find feeling in our living bodies and transfer emotional concerns to the world.

The work I am currently developing is dedicated to our Planet, as I feel the emergency to awake people's consciousness of our essential attachment to the earth.
Each piece, with the help of its tittle, evoke a very simple and direct topic. The intention here is to reach a large variety of people, regarding their culture and position, interrogating their behavior .
My choice with materials comes naturally to best support the idea I want to express. They also help connecting with different levels of sensibility and understanding.
I have a real passion about the making of an art piece. Lots of experimentations are involve in the process and so each piece construction can be described and reproduced. I give to each piece the necessary strength to withstand handling, touch and can be considered of archivable quality.