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Rev Roger Anthony YOLANDA Mapes

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Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour is the concert ministry of award winning singer songwriter drag performance artist and Interfaith Minister, Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes

The performances feature Rev. Yolanda and special guests singing Traditional and Original Gospel Music, encompassing Spirituals, Country Gospel songs, Hymns, and Original Gospel music written by Rev. Yolanda. The show is a fun, lively, celebratory, experience of worship, praise and gratitude for God's blessings. Rev. Yolanda has designed the show to be interactive and to fit any format from Sunday Church Service, to a concert/benefit, or hospital/ nursing home program.

Along with my activities as a singer/songwriter, I am a painter with an abstract expressionist/surrealistic/sci-fi way of painting dreamscapes on canvas using acrylic paint, house paint, found objects, and assorted other media.
I interpret energies from spiritual, supernatural, and otherworldly forces. I read a lot of sci-fi authors such as Frank Herbert, Octavia Butler, and Vernor Vinge. I am also very interested in the channeled writings of SETH and the teachings of the New Thought Movement. These ideas and characters from novels and readings show up in my paintings as powerful and sometimes disturbing images in saturated, mostly primary, colors.
I consider myself an Outsider Artist. Although I have definite influences, I don't self-consciously follow any tradition.

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