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Damien Olsen

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I am Brooklyn NY based Multimedia Artist; Musician
( guitars, Keyboards, Synths, Piano )
and Visual Artist ( Sculptor, Photographer, Painter, Video Artist ).

I specialize in the electronic music genres of Ambient, Post Dance, Cinematic, Acid/Psychedelic; Cocktail Music, Chillout, Trip Hop, with a notorious jazz,
Folk and Musique Concrète influence.
By the middle 1980s I started to explore paper, cardboard wood and found objects as a media.
The structure and the forms of the artworks are always suggested by the character of the material;
so my Ideas and intentions are purely based and directed by an intimate relationship with the media.
More often than not the work, once is "ready" is then completely taken apart and reassembled again like a puzzle until a new form or gesture is found that could have never been predicted.
Due to this complex process each artwork is conceived as a anti concept and it can take months or even years to turn into a definitive physical statement,
just like a strange or dysfunctional object provided of potential or already developed personality before reaching aesthetic completion.

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