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Meg Ciupka-Whiteford

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But this is all making so much sense.
Threads strung from heart to year, titles without stories, an all too palpable apathy amidst empathy, self portraits drawn in the dark (not out of design but from the impossibility of seeing), the creation of sound for someone who can not hear, an uncertain gesture of vindication without malice, the disorganization and deliberate placement sustaining the inability to let things go. It's all a dream of escape, a subliminal fascination with the verbal flight; to reach that higher plane through a different level of the body, namely the limitations.

Forum Posts

Seed Bombing

Seeds bombs next to Map of Bushwick for tracking.

Posted:11 years ago

I'm Begging

Begging at Nordstrom counters in beer-soaked, disheveled clothes

Posted:11 years ago