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Carol Maric

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philosopher & polymath

Author of the unpublished masterpiece PROTEAN NotUnTitled: The Philosophical Cantos (copyright 2000 Library of Congress), Carol Maric has presented the manuscript thus far to only a few, including Harold Bloom and Jacques Derrida, who had favorable comments, particularly Bloom. The work is akin to late James Joyce with Nietzschean poetics, highly baroque, and deeply complex in its content and language--an original extension of the English language, elucidating the ambiguities of various extremities of mind. This is the sort of book in which an author's work might culminate, yet it is a first work.

Maric has since been writing a surrealist novel for several years, as well as another book of poetry, and essays; in the future works: micro fiction / flash fiction, two other novels; the (under construction) online literary journal alidade review; etc.

She is also a multifaceted musician and visual artist.

Maric resides in Williamsburg, NY. maric

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