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Korby Benoit

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Korby Benoit is a multi disciplinary artist, writer and educator born and raised in Brooklyn. As a painter his works focus on abstract forms as well as Pan-African culture. As a recording artist and DJ he uses the moniker Negus Korby. “Negus” is an Amharic term which refers to a sovereign king.

Korby was born to Haitian parents and grew up in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn during the 1980s and 90s. He has since made Bed-Stuy his home and has worked as a videographer, video editor, educator and vegan chef.

Korby’s works are informed by true hip hop culture and his personal explorations into the unknown. In his own words “I really try not to put any limits on what or how I’m creating. I just try to honestly express what is true to me”.