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Sandrine Ligabue

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san.drine is an independent electronica artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her new album "Janvier" is an intimate collection of well-crafted folktronica songs in French and English.

san.drine?s ethereal voice reminds us of Air, Kate Havnevik, Sigur Ros or Lamb.

In 2004, the Swiss chanteuse releases her debut album "Histoires d'Eau" independently. The album reaches iTunes? Top 100 electronica albums in 2006.

Recent TV placements: Law & Order - Criminal Intent (NBC) - Dirt (FX) - Beautiful People (ABC Family) - Smallville (WB) - Made (MTV)

Recent collaborations: ?Entre Ciel et Mer?, with electronica artist Sleepthief, a collaborative project, including vocalists such as Nicola Hitchcock (Mandalay), Kirsty Hawkshaw, and Caroline Lavelle.

?san.drine is definitely an artist to watch?

?san.drine moves effortlessly from stylish trip-pop to darker, almost illbient, work?

?The vocals of san.drine are sure to resonate with fans of ethereal pop?